How to use Workflow 7.0 with Notification Server 6 solutions

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Can Workflow 7.0 projects interact with Notification Server 6 solutions, such as Helpdesk 6.0?

Yes, Workflow 7.0 projects can use Notification Server 6 solutions (Altiris 6), however it will require a Symantec Management Platform 7 server for the solution installation and licensing. The following instructions describe the basics for this. Note: These instructions assume that you are familiar with Symantec Installation Manager, Symantec Management Platform, and Workflow. If you are not, please refer to their respective product documentation located at

  1. Install Symantec Management Platform and then the the Symantec Workflow Solution and its license.
  2. Install Workflow Server/Designer to its own server.
  3. In Workflow Designer, add a second Plugin to enable the Notification Server 6 components to be able to be used:
    1. Click on Plugins > Notification Server Credentials.
    2. Click on the Add button.
    3. Type the name of the Notification Server 6 server in the Machine Name or IP Address field.
    4. Type the domain name for the administrator in the Domain field.
    5. Type the login name for the administrator in the User Name field.
    6. Type the password for the administrator in the Password field.
    7. Change the NS Version to "NS6".
    8. Do not mark this as the Default NS.
    9. Click on the OK button.
    10. Click on the Close button.
  4. Configure a Workflow project in one of the following two ways to use Notification Server 6 components:
    • Add a "Create Notification Server Credentials" component and add the Notification Server 6 server credentials into it. (Recommended.)
    • Add the Notification Server 6 server credentials directly into specific Notification Server 6 components. (This is not efficient if you are using multiple Notification Server 6 components.)

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