Workflow 7 User's Guide incorrectly documents deletion of users from Process Manager

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The Workflow Solution User's Guide for version 7.0 incorrectly documents the process to delete users on page 293.  Here is the excerpt:

Deleting users

If you have the necessary permissions, you can delete existing users.

If a user that has been deleted is currently logged into the portal, they are not

immediately locked out of their session. Deleted users cannot save any data or

navigate to any other pages.

To delete users

1 From the Process Manager portal, click Admin > Users.

2 In the User Browser, navigate to the user to delete, and then click the symbol

(red x).

3 Click OK in the confirmation dialog box that appears

Deletion of users in Process Manager is no longer an option in Workflow 7.

Workflow Solution 7.0

ServiceDesk Solution 7.0

The option to delete users from Process Manager was removed in 7.0, however the documentation was not properly updated to reflect this fact.

The ability to delete users was removed intentionally and is considered to be working as intended.  This article refers only the problem with the documentation that wasn't properly updated.

There is no timeframe for an update to the documentation, but those responsible for these updates are being notified of the error.

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