How to manually remove the Task Server Agent?

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We are running Symantec Management Platform 7.0- somehow the Task Server agent was pushed out to a lot of our managed endpoints. How do we go about removing the Agent and the services that are installed along with it?

To manually remove the Task Server agent + Services:

  1) Navigate to "\\nsServerName\nscap\bin\win32\x86\Client Task Management\Server Uninstall Package"
  2) Copy the files to a new folder (There will be 2 files- an exe and an xml file)
  3) There will be an XML file named Serveruninstall.xml. Rename this file to configFull.xml
  4) Create an SWD task to push out uninstaller.exe and configfull.xml and RUN The uninstaller.exe executable
  5) Point that task to any comptuers that need the Task Server agent removed

Note: This method should not be used on Site servers. If you want to remove the Task Service from a Site Server, go to the Site Server Settings page in the Altiris Console to do the removal.

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