Inventory Forwarding Data Verification Clarification

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In NS 6.x exactly how does Inventory Forwarding Data Verification Determine % of data classes to run the validation on?

For illustration purposes, assume the Notification Server Inventory Forwarding is configured to forward 10 dataclasses and that Data Verification is set to 25%. Here is the process used to verfiy data:

  1. When the Data Verification Schedule is triggered for the first time, the process determines the total quantity of the forwarding data which in this illustration is 10.
  2. From the 10 dataclasses, the process picks the percentage you have seleted to be verified which in this illustration is 25%.
  3. The verification process runs on the 25%. A timestamp is added to the data class that records when data verification was run. A second entry in the database confirms verification completed.
  4. The process is complete.
  5. The second time Data Verification runs, the process doesn't use the original 10 dataclasses. Instead, it references the timestamps and the completion flags. Based on the unverified data, the process now picks a different 25%.
  6. At this point in our illustration the Data Verification has triggered twice and now 50% of the 10 dataclasses have been verified. Step 5 is repeated for the next set of 25%. In our illustration, the Data Verification will have to run 4 times before we have 100% of the 10 dataclasses verified.

Keep in mind that if your Data Verification Schedule takes longer than 30 days (by default) the verification time stamps will be cleared so that the same group of data can be verified again.

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