How to install Workflow 7 Service Packs

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You want to know how to install a Workflow 7 Service Pack.

A Workflow upgrade requires two update processes: (1) Upgrade the Workflow Solution in Symantec Installation Manager (SIM) on the Symantec Management Platform server, and (2) Install the upgrade on the Workflow Server. The followiong instructions describe how to do both of these processes:

  1. Part 1 (steps 1 through 8): Upgrade the Workflow Solution. On the Symantec Management Platform server, run Symantec Installation Manager. This can be found by going to the Windows Start button > All Programs > Altiris > Symantec Installation Manager > Symantec Installation Manager.
  2. Click on View and install updates.
  3. Set both Filter buttons to None.
  4. Pick the Workflow Service Pack to install, such as Symantec Workflow Solution SP3, and then click the Next button.
  5. Follow the remaining Symantec Installation Manager instructions.
  6. If Workflow 7 SP3 or later is installed, no license is required. Viewing Symantec Workflow Solution SP3 in the Installed products list should show the Licenses as "N/A". Attempting to install the a license file will result in errors. (This is working as designed as there are no Workflow products to license.) If Workflow 7 SP2 or earlier is installed, however, install a license file by going to Add/Update licenses.
  7. In Symantec Management Platform 7, click on Settings > All Settings > Service and Asset Management > Workflow > Manage Workflow Servers. Note: Your Workflow server may or may not appear correctly in this list. This is a known situation, and can be safely disregarded.
  8. Click on the Downloads link. Download this file and copy it to the Workflow Server. Note: The Manage Workflow Servers page is known to display incorrect information and can be ignored. For more information, refer to the following related article:

    The Manage Workflow Servers page does not list the Workflow Server correctly
  9. Part 2 (steps 9 through 15): Upgrade the Workflow Server. On the Workflow Server, run the downloaded file.
  10. Select Upgrade to upgrade an existing installation with the new service pack, and then continue through the remaining installation instructions. This will install the service pack, going through all of the original setup screens as the original Workflow 7 did. Note: Please refer to the Workflow 7 Installation Guide for more information.
  11. After the service pack is installed, run Workflow Designer.
  12. Click on the Help menu > About.
  13. The listed Version number should now be different. Match this with what was installed. Variations of the build number may occur, depending on if the service pack was installed to a Workflow server or a ServiceDesk server, and what was there previously.
    • Workflow 7 original version server = Version 7.0.1313.2 Build Number 1313
    • Workflow 7 SP1 server = Version 7.0.1313.149 Build Number 1313
    • Workflow 7 SP2 server = Version 7.0.1313.28 Build Number 1313
    • Workflow 7 SP3 server = Version 7.0.1313.9 Build Number 1313
    • Workflow 7 SP3 on ServiceDesk 7.0 MR2 server = Version 7.0.1313.35 Build Number 1313


  • Both the stand-alone Workflow 7 and ServiceDesk's Workflow can be updated using these instructions.
  • Refer to the release notes for more information on what each service pack fixes or adds.


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