Does the Helpdesk 6.0 E-mail Inbox support using Google Mail?

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You want to know if Helpdesk 6.0 can use Google Mail for its E-mail Inbox.

Google Mail, by itself, currently only accepts SSL controlled POP and IMAP connections. As Helpdesk 6.0 is incompatible with SSL, Google Mail will be unable to be used by Helpdesk for its E-mail Inbox. Workarounds for this are:

  1. Use an email server or provider that does not require SSL.
  2. Use a pass-through system to enable TCP connections inside SSL, such as Stunnel.
  3. Upgrade to Symantec Management Platform 7 and then ServiceDesk 7.0, which is Helpdesk 6.0's successor. This supports using SSL.

For more information on Helpdesk 6.0 and SSL, please refer to the following article:

FEATURE REQUEST: Enable Inbox to use SSL or TLS

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