Requirements for local Windows NetBackup server installation

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Requirements for local Windows NetBackup server installation

Before you install NetBackup, ensure that the following requirements are met:

  • Remove any other vendor’s backup software currently configured on your system. The backup software of another vendor can negatively affect how NetBackup installs and functions.

  • Before you install your NetBackup product, make sure that you have applied the most current operating system patches and updates. If you are not certain that your operating system is current, contact your operating system vendor and request the latest patches and upgrades.

  • Ensure that all NetBackup servers have a release level that is at least equal to the latest version that is installed on the clients. Earlier versions of server software can encounter problems with later versions of client software.

  • Ensure that you have all NetBackup installation CDs, appropriate license keys, and an administrator account and password for all servers.

  • Peripherals, such as robotic devices and stand-alone tape drives, must be installed according to the manufacturers’ instructions and recognized by the Windows software.

  • Network configuration that allows all servers and clients to recognize and communicate with one another. Generally, if you can reach the clients from a server by using the ping command, the setup works with NetBackup.

  • The server system configuration should comply as follows:

    • An Intel Pentium system running Windows 2000 with a minimum of 256 MB of memory and service pack 4 installed, or Windows 2003 server.

    • Internet Explorer 5.0 or later.

    • Screen resolution configuration of at least 1024x768, 256 colors.

  • Disk space requirements are as follows:

    • An NTFS partition.

    • At least 1 GB of storage space to accommodate the server software (512 MB) and NetBackup catalogs (at least 512 MB).

      NetBackup catalogs contain information about your backups, which become larger as you use the product. The catalog disk space requirements depend primarily on the aspects of your backup configuration. For example, the number of files that are backed up, the frequency of your backups, and how long you retain your backup data.

    • For upgrades, you must have an additional 500 MB of disk space on the drive where Windows is installed. After the upgrade is complete, this additional space is not needed.

  • Symantec does not support installation of NetBackup in an CIFS-mounted directory. File locking in CIFS-mounted file systems can be unreliable.

  • NetBackup services and port numbers must be the same across the network.

    Symantec suggests that you use the default port settings for NetBackup services and Internet service ports. If you modify the port numbers, they must be the same for all master servers, media servers, and clients. The port entries are in the following file:


    To change the default settings, you must perform a Custom Installation of NetBackup or manually edit the services file.

  • For Remote Administration Console installation, you must provide the names of the Remote Administration Console hosts during master server installation.

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