How can I make sure I have the latest Merge Modules?

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My merge modules are up-to-date according to Software Manager. Not surprising, as I only recently did a full download from your Web site. I've just done a package in which I included the MSXML4 merge module.

I've now noticed that the versions on the Web site are way in advance of the one I've included in my package. If you look at the version of the core file within the msm, msxml4.dll, it is version 4.20.9818.0 currently, the one from your Web site is only 4.0.9004.0 and nearly 4 years old. Is there a reason for this?


Wise does not guarantee that we have the most updated merge modules on our Web site. In order to ensure that you are including the latest merge modules with your projects, download them from the vendor site that creates the merge module.

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