Creating new event archives

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Creating new event archives

When you install Information Manager, a single archive is created by default.

To create a new event archive

  1. In the Information Manager console, click System.

  2. In the left pane of the Appliance Configurations tab, expand the tree for the Information Manager appliance you want to configure, and click Event Storage Rules.

  3. Click the Add (plus sign) icon.

  4. In the Archive Rule Properties dialog, in the Rule name field, type a name for the new archive.

  5. In the Inclusion Filter area, add the criteria for the events that you want to store. For example, to store all Information Manager System events in this archive, the filter would be Product = SSIM System. If you do not select any filter criteria, the archive stores all events by default.

  6. In the Enter data retention (days) field, type the number of days that you want the archive the data. Events that are outside of this range are purged.

  7. In the Max archive quota drop-down list, choose a percentage.

  8. In the Free space quota drop-down list, choose a percentage.

  9. In the Archive ID field, type an ID if you use customized IDs for archives, or accept the default setting.

  10. In the Archive Path field, you can specify a path relative to the Events folder on the server. This step is optional.

  11. Click OK.

  12. Close the Information Manager console, and then log back in.

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