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Port %c gen%9x visible %s\n

GAB keeps the "visible" membership to denote nodes that can be seen, but the GAB client for the port is not up. This message may be logged when a new node becomes visible over the network, unless the GAB client comes up immediately after the node becomes visible. Visible membership changes also occur if a node where the GAB client was not up is brought down or loses the network, and if the GAB client is brought up or down on an already visible node. This message is closely related to the V-15-1-20036 message.

See V-15-1-20036.

If this message is displayed unexpectedly for all ports, take the same actions as for V-15-1-20036. If this message is displayed only for some ports, then do the following:

  • New nodes appear

    A client may have failed on some nodes. This message should be accompanied by V-15-1-20032 and V-15-1-20036. Collect any client logs and traces.

    See V-15-1-20032.

    See V-15-1-20036.

  • Some nodes disappear

    The node may have failed, or the GAB client might have started up. The node may have just recovered from a heavily loaded state. Collect syslog information immediately for that node, the client logs and traces for that node, and commslog information for all nodes.

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