Can a HelpDesk incident be created and configured by sending an email?

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The message body data input mechanism is not working correctly; emails into the system are not creating Helpdesk incidents.

Helpdesk 6.0



In order to get the data island to work there are a few things that need to be in place:

  1. A working inbox that works when a a regular email is sent to it.
    1. This is a pop3 email box that the helpdesk connects to, test it to make sure that it works.
    2. Make inbox active and it will create an incident by default to the default settings.
  2. Once the inbox is working and tests OK you are ready to send emails to create incidents.
    1. Make sure the client sending the email is set to plain text otherwise this will not work.  For example Outlook's default setting is HTML.  From Outlook you can change this setting from tools/options/mail format/compose in this message format.
    2. Make sure that the field names are lower-case (i.e. workitem_contact_id,  workitem_assigned_to_worker_id, etc.)
    3. Only Incident View fields that are writable can be used (see Helpdesk Solution 6.0 Product Guide).
    4. There must be a space or return char between the value beeing set and the tag {Helpdesk Value}.
    5. Each field that is to be updated, must be in a seprate {HelpdeskValue} element.
    6. Its best to put all tags on their own lines ({HelpdeskData}, {HelpdeskValue}, etc.).  Some email systems chop plain text messages into 70-byte chunks and if this occurs the tags could be split across two lines and cause them to be handled improperly.
    7.  Make sure that the field name is also listed in the "sidEmailDataIslandValidFields" string found in the formats.xml (\Program Files\Altiris\Helpdesk\AeXHD\bin\formats.xml)

      NOTE: If the field is not in the sidEmailDataIslandValidFields string, please see the related article "How can the message body input mechanism be changed to allow editing of additional fields?"


workitem_category_tree_value='User Account\Change'

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