How can I read a registry value into a property?

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How can I read a registry value into a property?

1. Go to the Installation Expert -> System Search page.

2. Click on the Add button and select Registry.

3. In the Read Registry Value dialog box, enter the name of the Property you wish to set. Select from the drop down list for a property or create a new property name. It must be in capital letters.

4. Select the type of operation from the Operation Type using the drop down list.

5. Select appropriate hive, in the Root field using the drop down list.

6. Fill in Key field using the name of the key. This is the key path minus the Root defined in step 5. (As the key name appears in the left hand section of the Regedit tool.) Do not use a leading or trailing '\' symbol in this field, the Windows Installer will make the necessary substitution at runtime.

7. Fill in the Value Name. This is the text that is in the Name column of the right hand section of Regedit.

Following these steps will create a property that will be populated with the value from the registry when the installation is run on a machine.

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