Features of Backup Exec Retrieve

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Features of Backup Exec Retrieve

The following table describes the features that are available in Backup Exec Retrieve.

Table: Backup Exec Retrieve features




Find folders and files by name. Use standard Windows-like search capabilities to find a file when the folder or file name is unknown or only partially known.


Navigate through shared folders to which you have permissions, and view any of the files that were backed up. When a file is located, you can view all stored versions of that file. Review the date, time, and file size to determine the version of the file that you want to retrieve.

Recent Activity

View a list of files that were recently modified or deleted. Recent activity includes files from the earliest through the latest snapshot on record. The file list is sorted in order by files from today, yesterday, earlier this week, last week, and two weeks ago.

The Recent Activity list does not show any files that have been modified or deleted after the last snapshot was taken.

Retrieve List

View the items you have selected for retrieval. Remove selected items, unselected items, select all, or unselect all to make the appropriate modifications. Unless specified otherwise, retrieved files are saved to My Documents\My Recovered Files.

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