About recovering a drive

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About recovering a drive

You can use Recover Drive to remotely recover a selected partition on the client computer's hard disk.

For example, if a client computer loses data on a secondary drive (a drive other than the system drive where the Windows operating system is installed), you can use an existing recovery point of that drive to restore the data.

Additionally, you can use LightsOut Restore to recover an entire system (or primary) drive as long as its file system is intact and the computer is still running. Otherwise, you must manually boot the computer into the Symantec Recovery Environment to recover the drive (or manually boot the computer using the Symantec Recovery Disk).

When LightsOut Restore is installed on client computers, a customized version of the Symantec recovery environment is installed directly to the file system on the system partition. When a system recovery is initiated from the Backup Exec System Recovery Manager console (using the Recover Drive feature), the client computer reboots directly into the Symantec recovery environment using the files that are installed on its system partition. The recovery of the system drive occurs, and the results are reported back to the console.

About installing LightsOut Restore on client computers

LightsOut Restore does not work on a multi-boot client computer (booting multiple operating systems from the same partition). It only works on the primary operating system. Also, if the file system becomes corrupt and you are not able to access the boot menu, LightsOut Restore will not work (you must boot the computer from the Symantec Recovery Disk CD).

As an additional option, when the recovery environment boots as part of LightsOut Restore, you can have it can automatically start a pcAnywhere thin host (to enable or disable this feature, you must edit the Easy Installer that is associated with the LightsOut Restore package). You can then use pcAnywhere to connect to the thin host and remotely use the recovery environment to assist you with troubleshooting or other issues.

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