About recovery points stored on a network destination

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About recovery points stored on a network destination

You can choose to store recovery points on a selected network destination. You need to specify the UNC path (\\server\share\folder) to the folder on the network where you want to store the recovery points. Alternatively, you can click Browse to navigate to the appropriate network share.

You also have the option to create a subfolder (checked by default) for each computer's recovery points at the network destination. If you uncheck this option, all recovery points for all computers that are assigned to the backup job are stored at the root of the network destination.

About managing recovery point destinations

Because recovery point file names are unique and include the name of the computer, you can use the same network storage location for multiple computers or for groups of computers you have created.

The user name that you enter needs read-write access to the network folders where the recovery points are stored. The product uses this logon information to access the network when you create a recovery point.

You should avoid storing recovery points on the Backup Exec System Recovery Manager server. As the number or size of backups grows, you have less disk space available for regular server use. When you save recovery points to a separate drive or a network location, the problem is eliminated.

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