About managing roles-based user accounts

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About managing roles-based user accounts

Backup Exec System Recovery Manager includes ten pre-existing roles with various levels of privileges. You can assign users to one of these roles to specify the level of interaction they can have when they log on to the console.

When you assign different roles to console users it provides a more granular method for an administrator to permit or block features and functionality in the product, all based on a user's responsibilities.

You must have System Admin privileges to assign roles to users.

The following table describes the user account roles and privileges.

Table: User account roles and privileges

Role name


System Admin

This role gives the user full access to all features and functionality in Backup Exec System Recovery Manager.

Any user that is assigned to the System Admin role can delete other users including those who are also assigned the System Admin role. However, you cannot delete currently logged on users until they log off.

You can change the name of any user including the currently logged on user.

You can assign multiple user accounts using System Admin privileges. You can manage the accounts for each instance of the Backup Exec System Recovery Manager console.

Read-only Access

This role allows the user to view information about various aspects of managed computers. Users have no write access to the server, database, or clients, so they cannot make any configuration changes.

Users can view the following:

  • Home, Manage, Reports, and Shortcuts pages

  • Properties of any job, computer, computer group, or backup location

  • Any pending jobs

  • Export data in tables

Execute Access

This role allows the user to run the tasks that affect managed computers. Users have no ability to configure backup jobs, computers, groups of computers, or backup locations.

In addition to read-only privileges, this role also allows the user to do the following:

  • Access the Monitor page

  • Run jobs now

  • Remove jobs from computers

  • Troubleshoot

  • Disable or enable jobs

  • Request updated client information for computers or groups

  • Process pending jobs for computers or groups

  • Add licenses to computers

Download All

This role does not allow users to log on to the console. They can, however, log on to the Backup Exec System Recovery Download Center Web page to download any Easy Installers.

This role uses download as the default user name and password. You should change the default user name and password before you assign this role to any Easy Installers.

See Deploying an Easy Installer by administrators.

Download A – Download F

Six roles comprise this group. A role has restricted download access to Easy Installers that are assigned to a particular download group (for example, Download B).

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