Viewing reports

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This technote is in regards to BESR Manager 8.5 reporting features.
Viewing reports
You can use the Reports tool to generate 12 different predefined reports that show detailed information about your backup management system.
The following table describes the predefined reports that you can generate.
Table: Available reports

Executive Summary
Displays a high-level summary regarding the status of managed servers and desktop computers that are running Backup Exec System Recovery.  
Displays trend data, such as errors and recovery point failures, for all managed computers within a specified date range. This report provides similar information to the trends line chart on the Home page.
Backup Definitions
Displays a detailed overview of all backup jobs that are available in Backup Exec System Recovery Manager.
Managed Computers
Displays a detailed list of all managed computers, including their current group assignment, if any.
Managed Computer Details
Displays detailed information about the hard drive of a selected computer that Backup Exec System Recovery Manager manages.
Recovery Points
Displays detailed information about available recovery points, failed recovery points and, optionally, recovery points that were deleted.
Recovery Protection
Displays all managed computers and the number of days since the last backup occurred.
Backup Schedules
Displays a list of all managed computers and their assigned backup schedule. If any computers do not have an assigned backup scheduled, the report includes this information.
Disk Usage
Displays a list of all managed (and reporting) computers and detailed information about each partition on its hard disk.
Client Versions
Displays a list of all managed (and reporting) computers and the version of Backup Exec System Recovery and Management Control that is installed on them.
Managed Computer Events
Displays a list of one or more managed (and reporting) computers with errors, warnings, and other events, within a specified date range.  
Computers Not Reporting
Displays a list of all managed computers that are reporting or not reporting to the Backup Exec System Recovery Manager server.

You can save a report as a text file, Web page, Excel spreadsheet, or an XML data file. You can also print each report directly from the console.
Some reports, such as Backup Exec System Recovery Event or Trend let you specify filter parameters or a date range to refine further the displayed results.
To view reports
1. On the View menu, click Reports.
2. Click the name of a report in the sidebar.
The results are displayed in the right pane.
Depending on the report that you have selected, you may need to specify a date range. Or, you may be able to use the Filter bar to refine further the resulting displayed results.
The report results are displayed on the right pane.
3. Do one of the following:
- To save the results to a file, in the right pane, click Save above the displayed report.
- In the right pane, above the displayed report, click Print.
You can either preview the report before printing it, or you can print the report with the default printer that is set up on the computer where the console is running.

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