Viewing the backup status of a computer

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Viewing the backup status of a computer

You can use Backup Status to view details about which drives on a selected computer are protected. For example, if one or more drives on a computer are not included in a backup job, the background color and status icon change to reflect the level of backup protection. The Status Details pane provides recommendations on what actions you can take.

Changing how a computer reports backup status

The following table describes each of the levels of backup protection that are available.

Table: Backup protection levels

Backup status


Backed Up

The computer has made a recovery point of all drives in the last 30 days and has not missed the last scheduled back up. A computer can be considered "Backed Up" without having an assigned backup job as long as one or more recovery points have been created within the last 30 days. This status indicates that all drives, files, and folders can be fully recovered, if necessary.

Needs Attention

The computer has a backup job assigned but it has not been run for a long time, or it has missed the last scheduled backup (meaning that existing recovery points are probably old).

A computer drive that needs attention can be recovered, but if the recovery points are older, it will not contain the latest versions of files or folders.

At risk

No recovery points are available from which to recover the drives.

A computer at risk cannot be recovered.

Status unknown

The status is not yet calculated, or you have not assigned a license to Backup Exec System Recovery on the client computer. Either wait a few seconds for the status to update, or make sure that you have assigned a Backup Exec System Recovery license to the client computer.

To view the backup status of a computer

  1. On the Manage page, in the right pane, click the Computers tab.

  2. Select a computer in the table.

  3. On the Tasks menu, click Backup Status.

    Review the status details.

  4. If the backup status indicates that a client computer is at risk or needs attention, do one of the following:

    • To create a recovery point for selected drives, click Fix Now.

    • To create a backup job for the selected drives, run a backup job that is already assigned to a drive, or change how backup status is reported for a selected drive, click Drive Status.

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