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In a recent incident, a number of PC Transplant Solution questions were asked, most of which have answers that can be dug up elsewhere, but perhaps for brevity, the answers provided here may help someone. All of these questions come in the context of PC Transplant Solution included in Deployment Solution 6.5.
  1. How can I change the destination of folders? If a captured folder starts in the root of C, but I want it to end up under the My Documents folder of the new computer, how would I do that?
  2. What is the Username and Password on the Capture Personality screen?  How does this compare with the -dau switch?
  3. Do you have to use the same username and password for admin access on both the capture and recipient machine? Is it stored in the package?
  4. Under the Network tab, if the recipient computer is already named and in a domain, should I mark to back up the computer name and domain?
  5. Under Applications, what is the option for allowing PC Transplant Solution to manage the installation of applications for?
  6. Under Folders, why does it say "Off" under Advanced? If that is off, and I select a folder, will it capture the whole folder?


  1. There are wild-cards in PC Transplant Solution (p. 80 in the manual) that can be used to find the new destination folders and correctly position files/folders per the new computer. They all start with %mi_.  
  2. This is the account used for LOCAL file access during the actual personality capture. The -dau switch is only for capturing the domain information for the computer and requires access to the domain. The account used in the Password and Capture Personality screen should have Admin rights on the local computer, especially if capturing multiple personalities.
  3. No, there is a place on the distribution job under Advanced where you can specify a user name for that computer.  
  4. No, you should not mark those, for they are not needed later.
  5. This option, if configured correctly, will allow PC Transplant Solution to install applications it finds missing when it attempts to restore settings. For instance, if application ABC settings are in the personality package, and PC Transplant Solution tries to restore it, but that application is missing on the computer, then PC Transplant Solution will try to install the application prior to restoring those settings.
  6. "Off" simply means there are no advanced settings. Advanced settings are limiters to the default, which is to get everything under that folder, including sub folders. If you want to limit what is captured, you add advanced settings. If not, then it shows "off" meaning it will collect all.

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