Recovery Solution troubleshooting help and RS diagnostics

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What can be used to help troubleshoot Recovery Solution?


Recovery Solution Diagnostics 1.3 for Recovery Solution 6.2.2106.

This is the new and updated Recovery Solution Diagnostics. Run this on either the Recovery Solution Server or Recovery Solution Agent to perform troubleshooting steps. This will place a Diagnostics Folder in the following Path:


The updated Recovery Solution Diagnostics contains the following tools:

  • Advanced Lost BLOB Handling
  • BWINST (Local Recovery Pro only)
  • CheckStore
  • ConverFileTimeDate
  • FileKey Cleaner
  • IPConverter
  • LongPathNames
  • RSDiag 1.2
  • RSDrivers
  • Showdisk

Advanced Lost BLOB Handling

The Advanced Lost BLOB handling Utility is used in the event which you lose some of the BLOBs on your hard drive though they are still referrenced in the database. The Lost BLOB Handling Utility will identify those BLOBs and remove the links within the database.

BWINST (Local Recovery Pro ONLY)

Will look for bad sectors in the drive to recover them. Before using this utility please contact Altiris Support Services.


This utility will check the Integrity of the database.


This utility converts the High and Low time format into System Time Format.


The FileKeyCleaner utility will clean Event ID 73 errors which refer to retention failure on corrupt File Keys.

Steps to use FileKeyCleaner:

  1. Run RSDiagnostics.exe on the SQL Server where the Recovery Solution Database is located
  2. Save the Application Event log from the Recovery Solution Server containing the Event ID 73 errors
  3. Run the FileKeyCleaner.bat
  4. View the results.txt to check if the FileKeys where cleaned


This utility will convert the Long Format IP into Short Format IP.


This utility will check for files with long paths.

RSDiag 1.2

RSDiag 1.2 will collect all the vital information required for the Altiris Recovery Solution team to fully investigate issues with Recovery Solution. This works on Local Recovery Pro, Recovery Solution Agent, and Recovery Solution Server. Please read the associate document on how to use.


This utility help view the status of the drivers which Recovery Solution Agent uses which are the ofmdrv and RSFAL.sys driver. It also provides are scripted way of enabling and disabling those drives.


Displays information about the hard disk


RSDiagnostics.exe (3.5 MBytes)
rsdiag.EXE (374 kBytes)

Recovery Solution RSDiagnostics.doc (76 kBytes)

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