About the Authorization properties

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About the Authorization properties

Use the Authorization host properties to configure a list of users that are authorized to use NetBackup. The Authorization host properties apply to currently selected master servers and media servers.

Figure: Authorization dialog box

Authorization dialog box

Click Add to add an authorized user, or select a user in the list and click Change to change the configuration of an existing authorized user.

The New User or Change User dialog box contains the following options:


In the User text box, type the name that identifies this user to NetBackup. To indicate any user, enter a single asterisk (*).


In the Domain\Group text box, type the Windows domain or group name. (Use the format domain\group.)

Or, type the UNIX local group name or the UNIX netgroup name. To indicate all groups, enter a single asterisk (*).


In the Host text box, type the name of the remote NetBackup Administration Console host from which this user can use NetBackup. To indicate all hosts, enter a single asterisk (*).

Group/Domain type

Select whether this user is authorized to use NetBackup in a Local group or a Network group.

User must be an OS administrator

A checkmark in the User must be an OS administrator check box indicates that the user must be a system administrator of the host from which they connect.

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