How do I create a SQL Server Database for SecurityExpressions or AuditExpress?

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How do I create a Microsoft SQL Server database for SecurityExpressions or AuditExpress?


To create a database using Microsoft SQL Server:

  1. Open Enterprise Manager for SQL Server. Expand the tree to the desired system.
  2. Right-click Databases, and go to New Database. Give the database a name. Click OK.
  3. Expand the tree for Security > Right-click Logins > New Login.
  4. Enter a name; you must select SQL Server Authentication, enter a password, and select the database created above. 
  5. Select the Server Roles tab, select System Administrators, select the Database Access tab, check the database created above so public is checked in the Permit in Database Role box.
  6. Click OK and verify the password. Close the Enterprise Manager.
  7. Next you need a ODBC connection to the system running the SQL Server. Log on to the system where SecurityExpressions or AuditExpress is being installed, go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools.
  8. Select Data Sources (ODBC). Select the System DSN tab, select Add and then select SQL Driver from the list. Click Finish.
  9. Follow the windows to enter the necessary data; remember the name of the DSN. Click Next to step through the panels. You must use the SQL Authentication. When asked, enter the credentials of the user created. Test the connection.

See article 17439 to see how to install SecurityExpressions or AuditExpress without the default database.

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