DCSplit.exe is interrupted and leaves an _InProgress table

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Why does my database have a table named inv_hw_activetcpudpports _inprogress?

This information was gleaned by capturing a database trace while executing dcplit.exe to "un-split" or "un-normalize" the inv_aex_hw_activetcpudpports data class.  Note that dcsplit.exe is used with the /u switch to un-normalize this table when Inventory Solution Hotfix 1 is installed.  This is done for performance reasons.

When the inv_aex_hw_activetcpudpports table is normalized, it is split into two tables, cmn_hw_activetcpudpports_common and inv_aex_hw_activetcpudpports_spt, and is referenced by a view of the same original name inv_aex_hw_activetcpudpports.

Dcsplit performs the following to un-normalize the table:

1.  Copy rows from the inv_aex_hw_activetcpudpports view into a temporary table #tmp_inv_aex_hw_activetcpudsports
2.  If there is a inv_hw_activetcpudpports _inprogress table, drop it
3.  Copy rows from the #tmp_inv_aex_hw_activetcpudsports table into a new inv_aex_hw_activetcpudpports_inprogress table
4.  Drop the table #tmp_inv_aex_hw_activetcpudsports
5.  Drop the view inv_aex_hw_activetcpudpports
6.  Drop the table inv_aex_hw_activetcpudpports_spt
7.  Rename the inv_aex_hw_activetcpudpports_inprogress table to inv_aex_hw_activetcpudpports

So if dcsplit is interrupted after step 3 but before step 5, the inv_aex_hw_activetcpudpports_inprogess will have been created, but the inv_aex_hw_activetcpudpports data class will still exist in the normalized state.

Note also, that the cmn_hw_activetcpudpports_common table will still exist after the "un-split" as it is not dropped during the dcsplit process.

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