How to change a users group during a PC Transplant migration

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Is it possible to change a users group during a PCT migration?

For example, all the users on my source computer are currently Local Administrators. I want to migrate them to a new computer, but I only want them to have User rights instead of Local Admin rights. Can PCT change which group my users are assigned to?

Yes, this functionality is built into PC Transplant Solution and can be used for user accounts from Windows 9x and newer. The functionality was originally created because users migrated from a Windows 9x computer to a Windows NT/2000/XP would be created as Administrators by default, but that generally isn't desired in a corporate environment. 

Here is what the PC Transplant Solution Technical Reference Guide states about how to change user group assignments during a migration. Note: This only applies to user accounts that are created by a PC Transplant Solution migration and does not affect existing user accounts:

By using the -user option, you can assign a user to a group.

Syntax -user:<current user option>+Groups=group1,group2,etc.

Example -user:*\*$*\*+Groups=Power Users,Users

In this example, all new accounts created are assigned to the Power Users and Users groups.

Example -user:oldpc\tim$newpc\tim+Groups=Users

In this example, Tim is created and assigned to the Users group.

Note: This does not modify existing local or domain accounts.
Note: +Groups= is case sensitive

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