IMPORT .NET PROJECT: Cannot Import VS.NET 2005 solution (.SLN) or project (.PROJ) files.

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When trying to import a VS.NET 2005 project or solution into a Wise for Windows Installer project, I recieve one of the following errors:
  • For .SLN Files:
    "No configurations found in SolutionFile.sln"
  • For .*PROJ Files:
    "This Visual Basic project type is not currently supported. ProjectFile.csproj"

Wise for Windows Installer 6.2 Professional

Wise Installation Express/ Studio 7

Wise Package Studio 6.x &  7.x



Users working with VS 2005 projects should work with those projects within the Integrated Editor.  WIS will not import those types files anymore because the file formats have changed.  Wise Installation Studio will not be updated to handle these changes since the Integrated Editor already can.

The tools for importing Visual Basic, Visual C#, or Visual J# projects only support Visual Studio or Visual Basic 2003 or earlier. To work with projects that were created with Visual Studio or Visual Basic 2005 or later, open the project in Visual Studio .NET and create the installation in the Visual Studio Integrated editor.

To create the installation in the Visual Studio Integrated Editor:
1.  Add a Wise Setup project to the solution in Visual Studio 2005 by opening Visual Studio and clicking on the solution.
2.  Add a Wise Project here.

The Wizard will pull in the Visual Studio project by scanning it in after you make the selections in the Wizard.

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