Can't import an exported "SMS Connector" created package

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SMS connector synch tool was used to import a package into an test Notification Server 6 SP2 server that has the SMS connector installed. It worked fine. The package was then set to be managed by NS. The package was then exported.

I am now attempting to import the package XML file into a production Notification server that does not have the SMS connector installed. The import is failing with the following error:

Error importing item: Unable to locate the ItemClass asscociated with the specified GUID in the database nor in the XML. (GUID: {a3477800-dfdc-418b-9be4-848556f24e50}) --> Unable to locate the ItemClass associated with the specified GUID on the database nor in the XML.

Notification Server 6.0 SP2 Hotfix 19
Software Delivery 6.1 SP1 Hotfix 1

The XML still references the type, assembly, productguid, and classguid for the SMS connector.


There are two options:

  • Install the SMS Connector solution on all Notification servers that you are wanting to import the package on.
  • Replace throughout XML:

    classGuid="{a3477800-dfdc-418b-9be4-848556f24e50} with "{3da89d2f-a4d8-4b3e-9fb7-cda3bfc0b9ce}
    Type: Altiris.SMS.Synchronization.Package.SMSPackageEx   with Altiris.NS.SoftwareDelivery.PackageItemEx

    Type: Altiris.SMS.Synchronization.Program.SMSProgramEx   with Altiris.NS.SoftwareDelivery.ProgramItemEx
       Assembly: Altiris.SMS, Version=  with Altiris.NS.SoftwareDelivery, Version=6.1.1034.1007
    <productGuid>{0c91f66a-a194-4716-98f4-4cef6fe397bd}</productGuid> with {ad3f5980-d9e9-11d3-a318-0008c7a09198}
    classGuid="{7ffece7e-f50c-43ae-889e-2380880a55b1}"> with {7688d8da-56b8-4215-a0b7-7d94caf79e27}">

    You will need to use Notepad to modify the XML as Wordpad will add characters and render your XML invalid. These GUIDs are specific to Notification Server 6 SP2 and may change with newer versions. Also if the version of Software Delivery Solution changes on the server, the Assembly version will also need to be updated to reflect the installed version.

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