About data mining reports

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About data mining reports

A data mining policy collects information about the files in a PureDisk storage pool. When you run a data mining policy from the Web UI, PureDisk gathers information from the metabase server and summarizes the information in a table. This report uses data mining to extract and present information in report format and in XML format. A data mining report shows the effectiveness of PureDisk data deduplication.

To obtain a data mining report, consult the PureDisk Administrator’s Guide about the following topics:

  • Enabling and scheduling the system policy for data mining.

  • Permissions that are needed to run data mining reports.

  • Obtaining data mining reports.

The data mining reports that pertain to PDDO contain information that is similar to that found in other kinds of data mining reports. One field in these reports is unique to data mining: the Number of Files/Versions field. The Number of Files/Versions field contains a rough estimate of the number of NetBackup images that are stored on the content routers in the PureDisk storage pool.

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