About job details reports

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About job details reports

A job details report is divided into the following four tabs: General, Details, Statistics, and a Job log.

These tabs contain information in a format that is similar to the job details reports for other types of PureDisk jobs.

Figure: Statistics tab for a PDDO backup job shows the Statistics tab.

Figure: Statistics tab for a PDDO backup job

Statistics tab for a PDDO backup job

The descriptions in Table: Lines in the Statistics tab for a PDDO backup job explain these statistics.

Table: Lines in the Statistics tab for a PDDO backup job



Global data reduction saving

The percentage of source data bytes that did not have to be transmitted to the content routers because of data reduction. Higher numbers correlate to more efficiency.

Bytes scanned during backup

The number of bytes that NetBackup sent to the PDDO plug-in to be scanned for deduplication. This is typically the entire NetBackup image size.

Media-server cache hit percentage

The percentage of fingerprint lookups that were found in the media server cache. The system also performs remote lookups on the content router.

Bytes transferred to content router

The total number of bytes of unique data that were transferred to the storage pool’s content routers after segmentation and compression. Includes data that is related to special files. For special files, PureDisk stores a special data object on the content routers to be able to restore these files.

Start date and time

The date and time when the job began.

Stop date and time

The date and time when the job ended.

Backup time duration

The amount of time that elapsed between when the job started and when the job ended.

For more information about these tabs, see the following manual:

See the PureDisk Administrator’s Guide.

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