Example 3: Replication

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Example 3: Replication

PureDisk’s replication feature is similar to NetBackup’s optimized duplication feature. Replication gives you more options if you need to restore data because you can restore from either storage pool.

You can replicate the data from a given PureDisk storage pool to another PureDisk storage pool with one of the following features:

  • PureDisk replication

  • NetBackup optimized duplication

Both features transfer only the changed data segments directly between the PureDisk storage pools. NetBackup media servers can restore data from either storage pool. When you replicate data between storage pools, you create a very efficient data transfer environment for disaster recovery scenarios.

Figure: Replication shows how you can use PureDisk’s replication feature with PDDO when you have two PureDisk storage pools.

Figure: Replication


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