About the NetBackup PureDisk Deduplication Option (PDDO)

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About the NetBackup PureDisk Deduplication Option (PDDO)

The NetBackup PureDisk Deduplication Option (PDDO) is a plug-in that uses the NetBackup OpenStorage API to enable NetBackup to write backups to a PureDisk storage pool. All the data that is written to a PureDisk storage pool is deduplicated.

In general, deduplication is a method of retaining only one unique instance of backup data on storage media. Redundant data is replaced with a pointer to the unique data copy.

Deduplication significantly reduces the amount of storage space for the NetBackup backup copies. All data that a PDDO agent or that a PureDisk backup client writes to a PureDisk storage pool are deduplicated. When two or more files share identical content, PureDisk breaks the files into segments and stores only one copy of each unique file segment.

Figure: File deduplication shows how deduplication works.

Figure: File deduplication

File deduplication

Note the following in this figure:

  • PureDisk breaks file 1 into segments A, B, C, D, and E.

  • PureDisk breaks file 2 into segments A, B, Q, D, and L.

  • PureDisk writes file segments A, B, C, D, and E from file 1, and file segments Q, and L from file 2 on its content routers only one time. PureDisk does not write file segments A, B, and D from file 2 to the content routers. Instead, PureDisk points to the unique data copies of file segments A, B, and D that were already written to the content routers from file 1.

Before you install and implement the NetBackup PureDisk Deduplication Option, make sure that the following conditions are true:

  • The PureDisk storage pool software is configured and functions normally.

  • The NetBackup media server is configured and functions normally.

  • You are familiar with the concepts and procedures that are described in the NetBackup Shared Storage Guide and your NetBackup administrator’s guides.

After you install a PureDisk storage pool, you can download the PureDisk agent software to a computer.

Next you can configure it to assume one of the following roles:

  • A backup and restore agent.

    You can configure a backup and restore agent on any client that PureDisk supports. The Symantec technical support compatibility matrix explains the platforms upon which you can configure a PureDisk backup and restore client.

  • A PDDO plug-in.

    You can configure a PDDO plug-in on a NetBackup media server. The NetBackup media server can be a Linux, Solaris SPARC, or Windows platform computer. After you configure the plug-in, the media server can use the PureDisk storage pool as a NetBackup OpenStorage disk pool.

When you download the PureDisk agent software onto a NetBackup media server, the agent software detects the media server software. It issues installation prompts that allow you to configure the agent as a PDDO plug-in. Make sure that you configure the media server software before you download the PureDisk agent software to the media server.

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