Verifying your environment

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Verifying your environment

Before you download or install the PDDO plug-in, perform the following procedure.

To verify your environment

  1. Verify that NetBackup 6.5 or later is installed and configured on the media server that you want to use.

    To verify your release level, perform the following steps:

    • Logon to the NetBackup administration console.

    • Click Help.

    • Click About NetBackup Administration Console.

    • Visually inspect the number to the right of Version.

    Make sure that you can perform backups and restores with NetBackup. For information about how to configure NetBackup, see your NetBackup installation documentation.

  2. Verify that the NetBackup media server upon which you want to install the PDDO client is a good candidate for this purpose.

    The hardware must be suited for both I/O and for computation. PDDO increases the computational load on a media server because it calculates data deduplication. Verify your media server’s hardware capabilities to ensure an optimal PDDO configuration.

  3. Verify that the PureDisk storage pool is configured and operational.

    The NetBackup interface refers to the PureDisk storage pool as a "storage server."

    Make sure that you can perform regular file backups from a client and restores to a client. Install a regular PureDisk backup and restore agent on a client computer to perform this test. Do not install the regular backup and restore client on the media server. Symantec does not support both a backup and restore client and a PDDO plug-in on one NetBackup media server.

    Information about how to install a PureDisk backup and restore client is available.

    See the PureDisk Client Installation Guide.

  4. Verify or install the PDDO license.

    Verifying or installing the PDDO license on a NetBackup master server

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