Interpreting Preflight Testing Results

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How do I interpret Preflight Testing Results?


Interpreting the Results of a Preflight Deployment

As the Preflight .MSI package executes on destination computers, the collected data populates tables in the Preflight database on the SQL server. On the Tools tab in Workbench, double-click the Preflight Analysis tool. The Preflight Job List appears in the right pane.

Click View next to the appropriate job. The Job Summary appears.

For best results, wait until testing is complete on a sufficient number of computers before continuing with the analysis.

To view detailed results, click their links. Example: click Passed to view a list of computers that passed.

To view detailed results for a particular destination computer, click the View link next to the appropriate Source Computer Name. The Run Details for the selected destination computer appear.

To view the details for each particular test, click the View link beside the appropriate Test Name. For more information on each test, please refer to the  Reference Manual for Wise Package Studio.

Preflight testing before deployment to a production environment allows you identify potential failures. Once issues are recognized, modify your installation for a higher installation success rate.


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