How to improve PCT package deployment speed

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When I deploy my PCT package it seems to take a long time to deploy. Is there anything I can do to increase the speed?


Many factors have to be considered when attempting to find ways to improve the speed of a PCT package deployment. A comprehensive list defining every possible mistake or problem with PCT package speed would be impossible due to the many variables dealt with when using PC Transplant.


One of the most common mistakes is to capture too much data. Granted, most people would like to err on the side of getting too much data instead of getting too little, but too much data can increase the size of the package and slow down the deployment. 


Make sure there are no duplicate entries in the PCT Template file (.pbt). For example, in the template file under the Folders tab, users may want to capture the My Documents, Desktop, Favorites, and User Profile folders. The User Profile folder would capture everything under C:\documents and settings\Username, so that would already capture the users My Documents, Desktop and Favorites folders. Users should probably select individual folders or just the User Profile folder. Another example would be that users want to capture Internet Explorer Favorites under the Applications Tab > MS Internet Explorer. If the Favorites Folder, under the Folder tab, is selected, there is no need to capture the Favorites under the MS Internet Explorer options of the Applications tab because it’s already going to get captured.


Improvements are made in each release of PC Transplant. Some of these improvements do affect the way the packages write data, which may affect the speed.  If you think that you may be using an older version of PC Transplant, go here, and you can find the latest release of PCT at this site or look for the latest update of our previous release by clicking on the "Product Update" link on the left. 


If you experience problems deploying PCT packages across a network, try running the package locally. The network may have a lot of traffic on it, which could slow down the transfer.

Check the QoS (Quality of Service) settings in your network to see if data transfer has been limited.  If it has, disable QoS and attempt to run the migration again.  This may affect Real-Time migrations or package deployments that happen across the network. 

This is a non-comprehensive list of common, inadvertent mistakes made when using PC Transplant. There could be other things that slow down the deployment of the PCT packages that are not listed here. The objective of this article is not to provide a single answer but help give ideas on what could be changed to improve the speed of PCT package deployments.

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