AeXRunControl made simple for the Recreate Full Inventory task

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Is there an example of AeXRunControl to use with an inventory scan?


When using the AeXRunControl for Inventory Scan syntaxes, copy the AeXRunControl.exe file from the ".\X86" directory to the ".\X86\Inventory Solution" directory. Once this has been done, update the "Inventory Agent Package" distribution points.

Complete Path = C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\Bin\Win32\X86\Inventory Solution

The Policies schedule determines when the Inventory scan runs, for example, once a week. The hours value <0 - 168> prevents the Inventory scan from being run manually between this schedule. For example, 12 hours means inventory scan cannot be run manually until 12 hours have passed since the last time it was run. 

The d value allows AeXRunControl a delay time (in seconds) which is picked randomly. For example, 1800 seconds = anytime between 0 seconds and 30 minutes.

AeXRunControl.exe "Inventory Solution" <0 - 168> "AeXInvSoln.exe /cleanbeforerun /hidden /s AeXInvSolnAdm2.ini" /d:1-1800

To have AexRunControl to randomize the day of execution as well, more steps need to be taken. For instance, to have a "Full Inventory Clean Before Run" to be executed monthly on a random day within a range of 1 and 30 and to spread the execution over a 3 hour window on each day, the following was implemented.

Edit the "Full definition file with CleanBeforeRun option" program and change the command line to the one below and then change the Inventory Policy to run every day at 10 PM. This allowed the Inventory Policy to be executed every day, but AexRunControl made sure that AexInvSoln.exe only ran once monthly

AeXRunControl.exe /rndschedule CBR-Full-Monthly "AeXInvSoln.exe /cleanbeforerun /hidden /s AeXInvSolnAdm2.ini" Monthly 1 30 /d:1-10800

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