How to deploy Carbon Copy Solution Agent 6.1.2003 Client.exe Hotfix2 to my environment?

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You have discovered that your environment requires Hotfix 2 for Carbon Copy Solution 6.1.2003, as the current version is experiencing high CPU usage for a short time as well as strange "USERxxx being disconnected" errors in your CCW32.ini file.

The readme file explains the following:

The Hotfix is an executable that should be run locally on the affected Carbon Copy Agent system. You can use Altiris' Software Delivery Solution or Deployment Solution to rollout the Hotfix to your entire Carbon Copy Client base.

After installation of the Hotfix, verification of a successful install can be done by clicking on the Carbon Copy Client icon on the systray and clicking ABOUT, the version displayed should be 6.1.2006.

This client hot fix resolves issues that are specific to the Carbon Copy Client when a utility or some other action polls or monitors TCP port 1680. The following represents the problem symptoms the Hotfix resolves:

1) When the cc client has the "notify on disconnect" option enabled, an erroneous "USERx has disconnected" will be generated.

2) When the above message is generated, a corresponding NSE (Notification Server Event) will be sent to Notification Server for processing, creating unneeded traffic on the network.

3) ShellKer.exe will exhibit a temporary CPU utilisation spike lasting 30-60 seconds and spiking between 75%-100%.

Please go to the following URL and then choose Carbon Copy Solution in order to download HF2 for CCS 6.1.2003:

Even though the readme file says that you can deploy this hotfix via DS or SWD, it does not really say how you can do it silently.

A DS Job has been created which uses the -s switch to silently install this hotfix.

A Collection, Task and Package have also been created which has a Program that also uses the -s switch to silently install this hotfix.

Due to the fact that our auditpls.ini file excludes most (if not all) of our files, the Collection is not dynamic in a sense that resources will be removed from the collection after the hotfix has been installed.  If you require this functionality, then you will have to create a new auditpls.ini file that will report on the client.exe file.

Both of these deployment methods have been attached to this KnowledgeBase Article.

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