New Files added to a patch are not installed

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Files that changed in the Patch .MSI are not being updated when creating a patch using the Patch Creation wizard. The version number in Add or Remove Programs is updating the version number correctly which shows the patch ran. There are no errors when running the patch.




In order for the Patch creation tool to successfully create a patch, ensure that the new files are added to a new component. If new files are added to an existing component, the files may not be updated during the patch creation.

Verify that the new files are in their own new component by adding them into a separate feature, or following these steps:

  1. After adding the files to the project go to the Files table of Setup Editor.
  2. Make note of the components that the new files were added to by checking the Components column on the row that the file was located in.
  3. Go to the Components tab in Setup Editor.
  4. Locate the components that were listed in the Files table.
  5. Ensure that these new files are not added to existing components.

If the files are in a component that had existing files:

  1. Right-click on the top component icon, right-click and select New > Component.
  2. Name the component a name that is meaningful to what it contains.
  3. Expand the component that contains the new file until you see the file on the right.
  4. Drag the new file from the existing component into the new component.

To verify the patch contains the new files, look at the .MSP file in Orca to see if the file is included by browsing to the .MSI first, then selecting Transform > View Patch.

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