How to change the Deployment Server computer's IP Address

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How do I change the Deployment Server computer's IP Address? How will the clients connect if the IP Address for the server needs to change?


  1. Is the server (axengine.exe) located on the computer with the new IP Address?
  2. How are the client computers connecting or dealing with the computer in question?

First show the connections used and then work on the solutions.

  • The AClient computer makes direct contact to the Altiris eXpress Server service (axengine.exe).
  • Next the server connects to the database express.mdf for status and jobs to send to AClient.
  • Console talks to the Database directly and to the AClient only in remote control.
  • BootWorks Embedded/hidden partition/PXE connects to the Share for job executables.

How are AClient, BootWorks, and PXE connecting to the server?

  1. Direct IP—Set up the Direct IP on your transport page of the server
  2. Multicasting—AClient searches through a multicast to find a server.

The issue if the Server service computer is the one changing IP is the direct IP connection for client computers agents BootWorks/PXE and AClient.

This process for BootWorks is somewhat simplified when using 5.1 or higher code. With the 5.1.79 AClient there is a new properties page for BootWorks.

This page enables AClient to make adjustments to the BootWorks partition on the fly.

Explanation of the two options:

Direct disk access must be enabled for BootWorks to have these options.

  1. Update BootWorks with Transport Settings: AClient will change the way BootWorks connects to the Altiris eXpress server Service (Axengine.exe) to match its own settings.
  2. Update BootWorks with Client IP settings: This option will change the IP address or protocol to match Windows settings > DHCP or a static IP address to be the same in both Windows and BootWorks.

Option 1 is the key to making the change to BootWorks partition. It can see the new server if it is in a direct IP connection to the Altiris eXpress server service (axengine)

Now for the suggested steps for the change over using 5.1 or higher code when using direct IP to connect the clients to the server component:

  1. Choose all computers in the console.
  2. Right-click on them and choose Change Client Settings (AClient).
  3. Choose the Transport tab.
  4. Either change the IP address to the new IP address of the server (this will cause lost connectivity until the server is changed) or if the network allows multicast signals, change it to multicast to find the server and supply the name of the server to attach to.
  5. Click OK.
  6. All AClients will receive the job and disconnect to make changes, they will either reconnect when choosing Multicast or stay grayed out until the necessary IP address change is made to the server computer.
  7. Change the IP of the SERVER computer.
  8. Send a simple event to all computers such as reboot or 'dir' in DOS. This will allow AClient to change the protocol.ini/autoexec.bat file to have BootWorks attach to the new IP address.

What about the lmhost file in BootWorks?
Simple fix (execute before the server's IP address is changed):

  1. Create a new lmhost file with the new IP address and server name in Notepad.
  2. Save it to the express share as lmhost.
  3. Create a scripted event to do a firm copy that looks like this:

    firm copy F:\lmhost dc:\net\lmhost

The new lmhost file for the connection is created.

Also verify the IP address in PXE.ini, PxeMgr.ini, RPC.ini, and Default.cfg have the correct IP Address. Shut down all the DS services prior to changing the IP address.

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