Migrate streamed applications from the existing server to the new server via appmgrcmd command

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How can a user migrate streamed applications from an existing server to a new server via the AppMgrCmd command?


Symptoms: A new front end server has been installed and configured, but the endpoints are pointing to the old server by reading the registry hive(s).

Please follow the steps below to migrate the application:

  • On the command prompt, navigate to the Workspace Streaming Agent installed location (typically: C:\Program Files\Symantec\Endpoint Virtualization\Workspace Streaming\Agent\bin).
  • Type the command 'AppMgrCmd -maps  <old server name> new server name: 80 http://newservername/loginservlet' and hit enter.


  • AppMgrCmd - maps is the parameter to migrate user provisions.
  • old server name refers to old streaming server hostname.
  • new server name refers to new streaming server hostname.
  • 80 is the external communication port.
  • http://newservername/loginservlet is the launch server URL.

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