How to create a filter that reports machines that have NOT sent a configuration in N days

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You want to create a filter that automatically populates with machines that haven't sent a configuration is a specific amount of days.

Create a filter and use this query:

SELECT * from vComputer vc

select ResourceGuid, LastConfig = datediff(dd,MAX([StartTime]),getdate()),
LastConfigDate = MAX([StartTime]) from Evt_NS_Client_Config_Request group by ResourceGuid HAVING datediff(dd,MAX([StartTime]),getdate()) >=
) as a on a.ResourceGuid = vc.Guid

ORDER BY LastConfig

The value for 'datediff(dd,MAX([StartTime]),getdate()) >=' can be changed to any amount of days desired.  In this example, the filter will report all machines that have not sent a configuration in 1 day.

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