How can a Workflow project monitor incoming email, such a for an approval process?

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How can a Workflow project be designed to monitor and process incoming email, such as for an approval process?

A Workflow project can monitor incoming email by using the Pop3 Get Component or the IMAP4 Get Component. These are then used in a Monitor project. By doing so, this can be used for several purposes, such as setting up an approval process. (This article does not go into further detail on how to set up an approval process, but focuses on monitoring email only.)

A basic sample Monitor project that uses the Pop3 get Component is included as an attachment to this article. This will need to be modified before use:

  1. Download the attachment that is part of this article and copy this to the Workflow Designer computer, and unzip the file. This will result in the EmailMonitor.project self-contained project file.
  2. Run the file. This will load into Workflow Designer as a Monitor project.
  3. Edit the project.
  4. Edit the Pop3 Get Component.
  5. Go to the Setup tab.
  6. Edit and change the Server Name, User Name, and User Password fields to be those credentials for your email server to be used.
  7. Click on the OK button.
  8. Edit the Send Email component. Note: The Send Email component (and therefore Steps 8 through 13) can be removed and other components used instead, depending on how you want to process the incoming email. For example, a Helpdesk or ServiceDesk ticket component could be used here instead to forward the email as a new ticket to those respective systems. (This additional functionality is not discussed in this article.)
  9. Click on the Email Contents tab.
  10. Edit and change the From Address and To Address to be those that you want. This will send an email confirmation of what was received to this account, which should not be the same as used in Step 6.
  11. Click on the Email Settings tab.
  12. Edit and change the SMTPServer Name to be the SMTP server name for your email server.
  13. Click on the OK button.
  14. Save the project.
  15. Compile and run the project. Email sent to the credentials from Step 6 will then be logged, and an email verification sent to the other credentials from Step 10.

Please Note: This sample project is provided "AS-IS". Symantec Technical Support does not guarantee that this project will meet your needs or work as intended. The purpose of this sample project is to demonstrate how a Monitor project can monitor incoming email from an email server. This project should be adapted and tested before implementing into a production environment. As this project is provided "AS-IS", Symantec Technical Support is unable to assist in troubleshooting or implementing this in your environment.

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