What is the encryption used by Carbon Copy during remote control operations?

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Carbon Copy Solution has an option (enabled by default in the 6.1 SP1 version) to encrypt session data between the client computer and the Notification Server console where the session was started. Can I get some information on this?

Carbon Copy employs a proprietary 64-bit encryption key used to encrypt and decrypt each packet sent or received during execution of any of the Carbon Copy utilities (Remote Control, File Transfer, Remote Printing, Voice Chat and Remote Clipboard). The user may also define an encryption key that can be used for data transmission as well as connection security. This is configurable within the program.

Carbon Copy password transmissions are secured over the data link by using MDC encryption. The type of password encryption is not included in the documentation. The password may also be encrypted by specifying a designated key (in hexadecimal, defined on the host). All Guest connection attempts must also be configured with this same key as the Host. This option can be configured from Options > Security and then the Encryption tab. This password security is in addition to the MDC encryption embedded in the software.

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