Post-installation tasks

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Post-installation tasks

For best results before starting Backup Exec, do the following:

  • Make sure that your storage devices are connected and configured properly.

    See About storage devices

  • Decide if your backup will be to a tape device or a disk device. You can configure both devices when you prepare your Backup Exec environment.

    Note the following:

    • If you are backing up to a tape device, verify that the device is supported. You can install drivers for the devices when you configure your Backup Exec environment.

    • If you are backing up to a disk device using the Backup-to-Disk feature, decide where you can create a backup folder. You should create it on a disk that will not be included in the backup jobs and that has enough free space to contain the backup job.

      See About backup-to-disk folders

  • Understand how Backup Exec provides overwrite protection for your media.

    See About media overwrite protection

  • Understand the default media set and its four-week overwrite protection period.

    See About media in Backup Exec

  • Learn about creating new media sets with weekly, monthly, or quarterly retention periods.

    See About the default media set

  • Decide which resource credential you want your Backup Exec logon account to use when browsing and making backup selections. You can use an existing Backup Exec logon account, or create a new one.

    See Creating a Backup Exec logon account

  • Decide the format that you want to display all reports, either HTML or Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). The default setting is HTML.

    See Editing application settings for reports

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