What are the steps to move the eXpress MSDE Database to an SQL Database?

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What are the steps to move the DS MSDE database to a SQL database?


  1. Stop the "Altiris Deployment Server DB Management" service.
  2. Run Enterprise Administrator for SQL, connect to the server where the eXpress database is.
  3. Take the eXpress database offline, detach the database from the server, and physically copy the eXpress database and log (eXpress.MDF and eXpress_log.LDF) to the new SQL destination server.
  4. With Enterprise Administrator, attach the database to the new server and bring the database online.
  5. Go to the Altiris server (where the database was), in Control Panel run the "Altiris Express Deployment Server Console" choose Option then Authentication, check for SQL authentication server account, and give the username and password for the account.
  6. With a text editor, open the file .\Program Files\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\default.cfg and make changes to the following line items:

    SQLDatabaseName= <new SQL server name>
    ServerIPAddress= <new SQL server's IP address>

    Note: The previous step is usually only necessary for doing upgrades and so on, but can also help prevent problems wherein the DB Manager still connects to the previous SQL server instead of the new on.
  7. On the Altiris server after the database is moved, it is also possible to start the "Data Sources (ODBC)" in Control PanelAdministrative Tools. Choose System DSN, check for Altiris eXpress database, perform a Configure, and give the name of the new server where you put the database.
  8. Restart the "Altiris Deployment Server DB Management" service. (Servers running a DS Web Console need to be restarted)
  9. On the Altiris server, run the "Deployment server console." The server should start using the database you moved to the new SQL server.
  10. The account username and password in Altiris config must match the one used on the SQL server.


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