About Backup Exec's standard features

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About Backup Exec's standard features

When you enter a Backup Exec license key, you can select any of the following additional features that are available for installation.

Table: Backup Exec's standard features



Tape Device Drivers

Installs the Symantec tape device drivers for all supported tape devices that are attached to the server. If there are no tape devices attached to your media server, uncheck this option.

Online Documentation

Installs the Backup Exec Administrator's Guide in a pdf file format.

Enable Robotic Library Support

Enables support for tape libraries, or optical robotic libraries and library storage systems. Backup Exec includes support for one drive in every robotic library. Each additional drive in a library requires a Library Expansion Option license.

Copy Server Configurations

Enables you to copy jobs, selection lists, and job templates between media servers. This option is recommended for environments that contain multiple Backup Exec media servers. This option is required for the Central Admin Server Option.

Managed Media Server

Installs the managed media server component of the Central Admin Server Option. You can install managed media servers after you install a central administration server.

Advanced Open File Option

Ensures that all files on a Windows computer are backed up even if they are open and in use. This option is free with each license of Backup Exec, Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Systems, and Backup Exec application agents and options. To control specific snapshot settings, install the Advanced Open File Option along with the Advanced Disk-based Backup Option.

Intelligent Disaster Recovery

Provides a recovery solution for both local and remote Windows computers.

Virtual Tape Library Support

Provides support for every single-drive Virtual Tape Library (VTL). You must purchase the Virtual Tape Library Unlimited Drive Option to support additional drives in each VTL.

If you select this option, the Enable Robotic Library Support option is selected automatically. You cannot uncheck Enable Robotic Library Support unless you uncheck Virtual Tape Library Support.

All other options and agents require the purchase of additional licenses. Installing a trial version enables many options that must be purchased separately and are not included as part of Backup Exec.

If you have a licensed version of Backup Exec, you can use a trial version of most options and agents for a specified period of time.

See Installing a trial version of Backup Exec agents and options

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