Resource Credentials options

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Resource Credentials options

A logon account enables Backup Exec to access resources for backup or restore jobs. You can change or test logon accounts before you run a job.

See About configuring logon accounts.

This dialog box includes the following options:

Table: Resource Credentials options




Specifies the resource for the job.

Logon Account

Specifies the logon account Backup Exec uses for this backup or restore selection.

Test Results

Details the results of the credentials test.

Test All

Tests all listed resource credentials to verify that they can access the resource.

Test Selected

Tests only the selected resource credentials to verify that Backup Exec can access the resource or resources.

Cancel Test

Cancels the credentials test.


Lets you change the selected resource credentials.

For remote selections, do not change the logon account information. They rely on the logon account used to connect to the server they reside on, and will ignore the additional logon account you specify. This applies to drives, Lotus, System State, and Exchange selections (except mailboxes, which can and do use logon accounts).


Removes the selected resource credentials from the dialog box.

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