About creating jobs using policies and selection lists

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About creating jobs using policies and selection lists

After you create a policy and set up templates in it, you should combine the policy with a selection list to create jobs. When a policy is combined with a selection list, Backup Exec creates jobs based on the settings in the templates. You can combine a policy with several selection lists, and combine a selection list with several policies. You can create new jobs by selecting a policy and then selecting the selection lists to combine with it, or by selecting a selection list and then selecting the policies to combine with it. Backup Exec creates a job for each template and each selection list. For example, if you combine a policy that contains three templates with two selection lists, Backup Exec creates six jobs; three jobs for one selection list and three jobs for the other selection list.

When you create a backup selection list, you can set a time range when the resources in the list will be available for backup. The time range is called the availability window. When you combine a selection list with a policy, Backup Exec compares the schedule of each template in the policy with the availability window for the selection list. If the template schedules do not fall within the availability window, Backup Exec will not create jobs for the policy. When setting the schedule for templates, be sure that the schedule overlaps the availability window for the resources you want to back up with the templates.

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