Upgrading an existing CASO managed media server

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Upgrading an existing CASO managed media server

The central administration server must be upgraded before any managed media servers are upgraded.

See About upgrading an existing CASO installation.

Before upgrading Backup Exec, run a database maintenance job to delete the job histories and the catalogs that you no longer need. This practice shortens the upgrade window.

See Configuring database maintenance.

Table: Upgrading an existing CASO managed media server



Step 1

Verify that the latest service pack for Backup Exec 12.5 is installed.

Step 2

Pause the managed media server to prevent the central administration server from delegating jobs to it. If jobs are running, let them finish or cancel them before beginning the upgrade.

Step 3

On the managed media server that you want to upgrade, do one of the following:

Step 4

Resume the managed media server.

See Pausing a managed media server in CASO

See Running the Backup Exec Utility for CASO operations

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