Troubleshooting CPS Exchange backup jobs

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Troubleshooting CPS Exchange backup jobs

Use a log file named Trace_RBS_##########.txt on the Exchange Server to find out if transaction logs are replicated to the media server. The Backup Exec Continuous Protection Broker Service generates this log.

Entries that show that the transaction log was successfully replicated from the Exchange Server to the media server appear similar to the following example:

CRepServiceBroker::CheckLogReplica::CheckLocalLogReplica(target:MEDIA SERVER, EXCHANGE SERVER, First Storage Group, E00000F4.log, replicated:true) ... hr(0x0)

MEDIA SERVER is the media server name, and EXCHANGE SERVER is the Exchange Server name. The text "E00000F4.log, replicated:true" means that the Exchange transaction log E00000F4.log was replicated.

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