Reorganizing a file system

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Reorganizing a file system

You can reorganize or compact a fragmented file system using fsadm, even while the file system is mounted. This may help shrink a file system that could not previously be decreased.

If a file system is full or busy, the reorg operation may fail.

To reorganize a VxFS file system

  • Use the fsadm command to reorganize a VxFS file system:

      fsadm [-t vxfs] [-e] [-d] [-E] [-D] [-r rawdev] mount_point


The file system type.


Reorders directory entries to put subdirectory entries first, then all other entries in decreasing order of time of last access. Also compacts directories to remove free space.


Reports on directory fragmentation.


Minimizes file system fragmentation. Files are reorganized to have the minimum number of extents.


Reports on extent fragmentation.


The file system's mount point.

-r rawdev

Specifies the path name of the raw device if there is no entry in /etc/fstab and fsadm cannot determine the raw device.

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