About troubleshooting issues with Symantec Brightmail Gateway with diagnostics

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About troubleshooting issues with Symantec Brightmail Gateway with diagnostics

If you experience trouble with Symantec Brightmail Gateway, Symantec Support may request that you create a diagnostic package to send to them. The diagnostic package helps Symantec Support troubleshoot issues with your product.

By default, all diagnostic packages contain certain components. However, you can also specify any additional components that you want to include in the package. If you do not specify any components, a default diagnostic package is generated.

See Specifying what to include in diagnostic packages .

When you generate a diagnostic package, Symantec Brightmail Gateway creates the package on the host for which you are running the package. You can then transfer a copy of the package to the location that you specify: to a remote location through a transfer protocol or download it locally on the computer on which you run your browser. This feature only works with those hosts that use the same version of Symantec Brightmail Gateway as the Control Center. You can only generate one package at a time.

See Generating diagnostic packages and transferring them to a remote location.

See Generating and downloading diagnostic packages.

You can delete a package from the Control Center host when it is no longer needed, which frees up disk space on the Control Center.

See Deleting diagnostic packages.

You can also perform this task from the command line.

See diagnostics.

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